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ShitKid - Rejected Fish LP/CD

ShitKid - Rejected Fish LP/CD

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PNKSLM112: ShitKid - Rejected Fish

RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2023
- Black vinyl, edition of 200 units
- White vinyl, edition of 400 units
- Digipack CD


As part of our 10 year anniversary series of special releases/represses - we're over the moon to finally present ShitKid - "Rejected Fish"! This is the previously unheard, studio version of the now legendary debut album "Fish", a completely different recording with a different tracklist and never-heard-before tracks.

You may have heard the backstory behind this already - but for those unaware - ShitKid originally recorded "Fish" at MFG Studios here in Stockholm, with Lucern Raze on production duties. The week before it got sent of to the vinyl pressing plant though, Åsa had a bit of a panic that it "sounded too good for ShitKid" - and she ended up re-recording all the songs herself on garageband (mostly in her car) - and this super lo-fi take was the version that ended up getting released.

Obviously at the time ourselves, plus our PR and radio partners were a little shocked, but as always, Åsa made the right move (in ShitKid we trust) and the album went on to be the best selling PNKSLM vinyl, streamed millions, won awards, and made fans out of the likes of Iggy Pop and Billie Joe Armstrong. And almost the best part was how divisive the lo-fi recordings made the record - Fish received both the best and worst reviews we've ever had on the label!

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A1. Never Seen A Girl Like Me
A2. Sugar Town
A3. Alright
A4. On A Saturday Night At Home
A5. Tropics
B1. Dirty Guy
B2. Trädgården
B3. Likeagurl
B4. Gettin’ Mad
B5. Two Motorbikes

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