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299 - The 299 Game LP

299 - The 299 Game LP

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PNKSLM090: 299 - The 299 Game LP

RELEASE DATE: May 21, 2021

Available on:
- Limited edition 12" turquoise/clear marble vinyl (edition of 100 units)
- 12" black vinyl (first pressing) 


The 299 Game is the debut LP from 299, a collection of ten songs with an overarching sense of Lynchian weirdness offset by crisp melodies and compositional nous. 299 is the solo recording project of Welsh multi-instrumentalist and producer Gavin Fitzjohn (who has worked with the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Gruff Rhys, Stereophonics, Paolo Nutini and more), with 299 coming to life a few years ago while Fitzjohn was making his way across the US. Intoxicating, dangerous in its allure, there are flecks of ‘60s vocal groups and Tom Waits-style melancholia tied up in Fitzjohn’s deliberate American drawl.

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1. True Blue You
2. Sugar and Spice
3. Truth or Consequence
4. A Short Goodbye
5. Picking Through The Scraps
6. Blue Island
7. Get Wet
8. You Know Those Things You Wished For?
9. It’s Not The Time
10. Watertown

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