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Arre! Arre! - Heavy Breathing 12" EP

Arre! Arre! - Heavy Breathing 12" EP

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PNKSLM077: Arre! Arre! - Heavy Breathing EP

- 12" black vinyl (edition of 200)
- 12" red vinyl (edition of 100 - LAST FEW)

- Digital download via Bandcamp


Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present the new EP from Malmö quartet Arre! Arre!, the follow-up to 2019’s acclaimed Tell Me All About Them LP which saw them winning rock album of the year at the prestigious P3 Guld Awards.

Society and the media often act as if a woman’s entire existence and self-image depend on how fuckable they are, according to a very narrow standard. We’ve had enough of it. Heavy Breathing is a celebration of women who make no excuses for their sexuality, their body, their lifestyle or their opinions. We want to champion female sexuality owned by women themselves. The sexuality that’s full of cellulites, laughter, self love and free will! Through our music we’re saying F*ck You to the media’s and societies distorted image of us. You do you. Literally - buy an sfp2 and make it rain.
– Arre! Arre!

Performed by Arre! Arre!
Written by Anna Palmer, Henrietta Edlund, Katja Nielsen, Matilda Årestad
Recorded and produced by Joakim Lindberg
Artwork by Milkdrop Studio

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Sit On My Face
Ravenous Girl
Last Night
Make it Rain (SFP2)
Me and My Fat Ass Friends

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