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Black Mekon - NEAT! LP

Black Mekon - NEAT! LP

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PNKSLM108: Black Mekon - NEAT!
Release date: October 13, 2023

- Limited edition purple/transparent cloudy vinyl (edition of 150 units)

The brand new record from the legendary Black Mekon - produced by Lucern Raze and set for release on October 13.


We're still not 100% sure where exactly Christ's Gasoline is, but garage punk duo Black Mekon have spent the best part of the last two decades putting their birthplace on the map. The two masked brothers have been handpicked to tour across America, Europe and Japan by the likes of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Guitar Wolf & King Brothers - and released no less than twelve albums, and nine 7" singles. And that's not to mention finding time to somehow create their own video game, action figures, bubblegum, a fully functional Arcade Machine, the "Mekonizer" fuzz pedals, an animated movie, and several comics along the way.

Their 13th album will be released into the world on Friday 13th October, entitled "NEAT!", naturally named after their own fanzine. In an unexpected deviation from their strict "one-take-will-be-fine" DIY ethos, for the new album they teamed up with Stockholm based garage rock legend Lucern Raze to share production duties. "I mostly did it for the money, but I also wanted to help create a Mekon record that doesn't instantly make your ears bleed" , shares Raze; "this one's probably 10% more listenable than the rest."

"NEAT!" will be released worldwide via the bands long term sufferers PNKSLM Recordings.

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WC Bronx
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One By One
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Don't Waste My Time
That Man
Piece of Strange

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