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Black Mekon - The Lumpiness of Demand LP

Black Mekon - The Lumpiness of Demand LP

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PNKSLM085: Black Mekon - The Lumpiness of Demand LP

RELEASE DATE: October 2, 2020

Available on:
- Limited edition red/black vinyl
- Limited edition black vinyl

*download included


These two vicious bastards (Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon) were named after the legendary Black Mekong, illegitimate children of prostitutes visited by missionary preachers, abandoned to fend for themselves on the banks of The Mekong River. Their mobile church of jet-engine noise and pelvis-shattering drums has graced shores all over Europe, Japan, South America and the USA both headlining and at the personal request of Jon Spencer, Guitar Wolf, The Scientists, Kid Congo, King Brothers and more.

Over almost 15 years Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon have put together a healthy back catalogue and while their most recent recordings have included their friends and family joining them, their latest effort THE LUMPINESS OF DEMAND is a quick detour right back the start, recorded fast and live as a two-piece with all the consideration and skill of a flaming, wingless jet engine heading for the mountain.

The song titles speak volumes: Feeling Good! Sick & Low! Real Good!! DON’T DIE!!! THE LUMPINESS OF DEMAND is an album for the clammy, desperate panic of RIGHT NOW!! The most raw, primitive, from-the-hip Black Mekon record since their debut, THE LUMPINESS OF DEMAND is a must-have broken-noise-blues record for everyone who just wants to play five finger fillet while the plane is crashing!

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1. Feeling Good
2. Dont Die
3. Real Good
4. Killing You
5. How We Almost Killed The L.A. King
6. Mekon Do Mekon See
7. Nice Nuke
8. The Bottle
9. Rusty Guillotine
10. Sick and Low
11. Black Mekon is Your Daddy
12. Grave Diggin’

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