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Black Mekon - We've Learned Nothing 2LP

Black Mekon - We've Learned Nothing 2LP

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PNKSLM100: Black Mekon - We’ve Learned Nothing

RELEASE DATE: March 11, 2022
- 2LP 12’’ black vinyl, gatefold sleeve


PNKSLM Recordings are extra happy to tell you that in a weird full-circle-of-life type moment, our 100th physical pressing is from the band we did our first ever LP with - Black Mekon!

And to make things double as exciting, it's a double LP, entitled "We've Learned Nothing". The first part is a brand new re-recording of their cult-status first album "Free Range Hassle", and part 2 is the aptly named "Free Range Hassle 2" - think of it as the long awaited sequel. Did Backseat Bebe ever get a ride? Did the Mean Drunk ever sort his shit out? Did the Comeback Kitty ever return? Finally, we now have the answers to the questions we've all been asking.

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Free Range Hassle:
Ring The Bell
Mean Drunk
Get A Grip
Backseat Bebe
Homeward Bound
Jonny Diamonds
Lo-Rent Sex
Comeback Kitty
Free Range Asshole

Free Range Hassle 2:
Drop The Gate
Still A Drunk
I Got Shot
Bebe Got A Ride
Homeward Truths
Return To Jonny Diamonds
Lo-Rent Sex 2
Kitty Came Back
Free Range Asshole Part 2
Mabel Hates Everything
Used To Be Good

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