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Bryson the Alien - The Great Adventures of… LP

Bryson the Alien - The Great Adventures of… LP

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PNKSLM101: Bryson the Alien - The Great Adventues of…

RELEASE DATE: September 16 2022

- 12” aquamarine vinyl - edition of 200 units on marble vinyl
- 12" marble vinyl - edition of 100 units on marble vinyl - each record is a totally random marbled effect with different colours, so no 2 will look the same.

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"The Great Adventures of Bryson the Alien" is the PNKSLM Recordings debut from Portland, Oregon based emcee/producer Bryson the Alien.

Well known in his local scene for his prolific output both as a solo artist, and within the collectives SUMALIENZ & Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), often collaborating with the likes of Lil B, Open Mike Eagle, Fat Tony & Archibald Slim.

Bryson connected with producer Luke Reilly (Lucern Raze, Sudakistan, ShitKid) initially through his 2019 album "Juenethia" , which began a relationship built through bouncing song ideas off each other over email and facetime, while the world was in lockdown.

The initial recording of the album began during the pandemic of 2020, with 3 early versions of tracks for Lucern Raze's "International Breakdown" compilation. Luke would send Bryson instrumentals he built with song concepts usually already in mind, and Bryson would write and record vocals in his self-made studio, inside a shed in his backyard (typically at 3-4am).

After a great response from those tracks, Bryson and Luke decided to get to work on a full length album together, following the same work method as before, but with more focus on Bryson's talents.

While putting the album together, Luke brought in some fellow PNKSLM alumni: The Mary Veils, Shitkid, Henrik Appel and Julia Boman (of VERO) all feature on the album, plus a very special guest vocalisit in the form of veteran Swingfly (Teddybears), and Swedish teenager Signe Baburin to lend their talents. Bryson also tapped his best friend and brother-in-law Montez Vaughn (music alias Tezmanian) to lay a verse for “On My Own”.

The record is a beautiful blend of punk-rock sonics with hip-hop lyricism making for a truly unique and groundbreaking studio album. Press Start.

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Intro (Jimmie's Record Store & Cafe)
Revenge of the Scarecrow
Something 'bout the Summertime (feat. Lucern Raze & Head Braat)
No Time For That
Can't Stop Me Now! (feat. The Mary Veils)
Seen The Light
I'm Out! (feat. Signe Baburin)
Mental Health
On My Own (feat. Tezmanian)
Roads Dark (feat. Julia Boman)

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