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Chemtrails - Calf of the Sacred Cow LP

Chemtrails - Calf of the Sacred Cow LP

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PNKSLM037: Chemtrails - "Calf of the Sacred Cow" LP

- Limited edition black vinyl (400 units)
- Limited edition white/pink vinyl (100 units)



Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present the debut album from London based Chemtrails. Founded and fronted by romantic and musical partners Mia Lust and Laura Orlova, they make catchy, fuzzy, lo-fi pop music, somewhere between The Pixies, Black Lips and Blondie, with lyrics that are surreal yet earnestly meaningful.

Chemtrails made their debut in September 2016 with the single “Aeons” on Stockholm label PNKSLM Recordings and have since released two EPs. The first, Love in Toxic Wasteland, tells stories of savagery and spirituality in a post-apocalyptic world, with melodic songs built out of raw, heavy guitars and dreamy, reverb-soaked Farfisa organ. The second EP, Headless Pin Up Girl, has a more pop-forward feel to it, with Mia Lust's lyrics getting deeply personal as she openly reflects on her place in the world as a transgender woman.

The band's debut album, Calf of the Sacred Cow, is due out in February 2018 on PNKSLM, and like all of Chemtrails' output so far it was recorded and produced in Lust and Orlova's living room. The album sees the band exploring wider territory and includes some their most unusual psychedelic power-pop songs yet, as well as their heaviest, most aggressive garage rock numbers.

Chemtrails’ Calf of the Sacred Cow is due on February 9, 2018 via PNKSLM Recordings on limited edition vinyl and digitally.

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1. A Killer or a Punchline
2. A Beautiful Cog in the Monolithic Death Machine
3. Wishbone
4. Tendrils
5. Lizard Empire
6. Watch Evil Grow
7. Usual Freaks
8. Milked
9. Dead Air
10. Ghosts of My Dead Cats
11. Overgrown

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