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Henrik Appel - Burning Bodies LP

Henrik Appel - Burning Bodies LP

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PNKSLM047: HENRIK APPEL - "Burning Bodies" LP

RELEASE DATE: June 29th, 2018
- Standard Black Vinyl Edition
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After thirteen years at the heart of Stockholm’s garage scene, Henrik Appel is finally going it alone. Since moving to the Swedish capital at the age of twenty, he’s established himself as one of the key figures in the city’s indie rock underground; after starting out playing bass in the punk outfit Kilroy, he met the similarly prolific Martin Savage and joined his band, Martin Savage Gang, handling bass and backing vocals as the group toured across Europe and the United States. Working with Savage inspired Appel to step out front and centre himself, and in the summer of 2016, his new three-piece Lion’s Den released their self-titled debut album.

Burning Bodies is Appel’s first solo album, pieced together over the course of five years and consisting primarily of love songs that pertain both to relationships and friendships. His normally boundless energy has been dialled back, and the production and instrumentation are lo-fi; he wanted this to be a slower, more deliberate album than we’re used to from him.

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It Will Be Better Now
Hotel Room
I Put My Makeup On
Green Eyes
Grow Old
Dark Is the Night

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