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Shit Girlfriend - Dress Like Cher 7”

Shit Girlfriend - Dress Like Cher 7”

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PNKSLM061: Shit Girlfriend - Dress Like Cher 7”

- 7" splatter vinyl (500 copies exclusive to Record Store Day UK & Scandinavia)


Shit Girlfriend is the project of London based BFF's Natalie Chahal (Miss World) and Laura-Mary Carter (Blood Red Shoes), and was formed back in 2017. After quickly recording their debut single "Mummy's Boy" and signing to PNKSLM Recordings the band released their debut 7" Mummy's Boy/I Don't Wanna Die for Record Store Day in 2017. After touring the UK and Europe following the release Shit Girlfriend disappeared from the limelight.

Natalie Chahal released her debut EP as Miss World later the same year, and followed it with the acclaimed debut LP Keeping Up With Miss World in September 2018, both released on PNKSLM Recordings, while Blood Red Shoes released their fifth album Get Tragic on their own Jazz Life label earlier this year. Now the duo has reunited for another 7", featuring the smash hit "Dress Like Cher" alongside their self-titled theme "Shit Girlfriend", which is being released on 7" splatter vinyl exclusively as part of Record Store Day UK on April 13.

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A. "Dress Like Cher"
B. "Shit Girlfriend"

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