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Sibille Attar - Paloma's Hand EP (12” pink vinyl)

Sibille Attar - Paloma's Hand EP (12” pink vinyl)

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PNKSLM042: Sibille Attar - "Paloma's Hand" EP


- Limited edition 12" pink vinyl w/ alternate artwork (300 units worldwide, exclusive to RSD Scandinavia & UK
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Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present the return of Sibille Attar! Five years after her acclaimed debut album Sleepyhead (Pitchfork, nominated for the Swedish Grammys etc) the Swedish pop artist Sibille Attar is back with new music. A prominent artist on the Swedish indie scene for the past 15 years, Sibille Attar’s solo debut was one of 2013’s biggest Swedish albums and Paloma’s Hand carries on the torch, showcasing a slightly darker and more ominous take on her brand of psychedelic pop, with the songwriting and melodies intact.

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1. I Don't Have To
2. Same Old Heartbreak
3. The Dread
4. Don't Follow
5. RUN
6. Paloma

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