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High Sunn - Hopeless Romantic 12" EP

High Sunn - Hopeless Romantic 12" EP

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PNKSLM023- High Sunn: "Hopeless Romantic" 12" EP

- 12" black vinyl (limited to 400 copies)
- Digital Download (on release day)


High Sunn started as the bedroom solo project of San Francisco's Justin Cheromiah at the age of 14. Since that first release in May 2014, he's released no less than 30 releases, in a prolific mix of singles, EPs and full albums.

Now 17 years old, just finishing his junior year at High School, Justin is presenting his first ever studio recording- the "Hopeless Romantic" EP. Along with the move from the bedroom to the studio, Justin brought his friends and live band- Joe (drums), Freddy (lead guitar) and Ari (bass), not to mention producer Dylan Wall (Naomi Punk, Craft Spells etc), all of whom contribute into making the jump from the lo-fi bedroom sound into a fully-fledged dream pop record.

Unsurprisingly for his age, Cheromiah says his inspiration behind "Hopeless Romantic" came from his "experiences dealing with love, rejection, and yearning, and having a heart and mind full of dreams and desires."

"Hopeless Romantic" is released digitally and on limited edition vinyl worldwide on May 19th 2017 via PNKSLM Recordings.

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1. Joy Of Romance
2. Ramen Waitress
3. Holding Hands
4. Tears
5. Polaroids
6. Good Evening

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